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Le Centre culturel de Sonis est un outil essentiel dans l’offre culturelle sur le territoire de Cap Excellence, mais aussi un lieu d’enseignement artistique et de transmission du goût de l’art aux enfants.

C’est l’espace de démocratisation culturelle par excellence.

Il propose des ateliers de formation, ouverts au plus grand nombre qui permettent aux participants de s’épanouir dans une discipline artistique, et parfois de découvrir des talents insoupçonnés.


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Designing the house from the outside can be not an easy task, especially if you are trying to do that by yourself. You should take into account many details, like composition, colors, design concept, etc. Actually, in many cases, only few changes are enough to make the building look stylish, but sometimes it may need a severe reconstruction.

The latter variant is a pain even for an experienced designer, so the beginners would hardly manage with it.

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Give your home a bit of personal touch with a stylish exterior. The second option is to hire a professional architect who would do everything for you. At this point it is vital to find a really good professional. To make everything clear you can take a look at some of the previous projects of the candidate and make your decision from those.

There is a variety of ways to do that. If you are short on budget, you can try to have the job done all by yourself.

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So, how to have the job done and don’t mess up the style of the building? In this case, you may consider hiring an experienced designer or decorator who would do everything for you. It doesn’t mean that the specialist will change the look of the house completely. Pretty often, changing only a couple details works great.

For many centuries, people have been trying to decorate their homes in different ways.